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Bulk SMS: Take your message to the masses

Posted by on February 6, 2012 in News | Comments Off on Bulk SMS: Take your message to the masses

Bulk SMS: Take your message to the masses

Only a few years ago, very few could foresee that SMS messages would become one of the most effective methods of reaching people in South Africa.

From the richest to the poorest, everyone seems to be sending text of data messages to someone, somewhere in the world. As a result, the term “yuppie earring” has become obsolete.

In many parts of Africa, cellular technology has skipped around the cumbersome growth rates of landlines to reach across the wide, inaccessible expanses to connect villages dotted across the landscape.

From an infrastructural point of view, cellphone towers are a lot easier to erect and maintain than a landline network. You can imagine the amount of cables that won’t have to be maintained in a ten kilometer radius, which is the area an well-placed tower will cover.

Locally, a 2008 estimate has concluded that over 70% of South Africans are moving around with a phone in their pocket and that every single person in the country has access to one. In some instances many people share a mobile phone between family and community members. With figures like these, South Africa is a leader in cellular connectivity and not only marketers have sat up to take note.

With the costs associated with cellular communications plummeting, many industries are embracing the technology to keep in touch with their customers. Log on to your bank account and within milliseconds you’ll hear your phone beeping. By the time you’ve concluded your banking, you’re likely to have a few SMSs on your phone confirming all transactions.

It’s not only large corporations that have embraced this technology. From restaurants sending out messages news on specials to doctors reminding patients of appointments and medication schedules – bulk SMS subscriptions are soaring.

As with all methods of communication, abuse has become rampant. Companies should take care only to sign up to a trusted SMS portal to ensure that data and subscriber details remain confidential. It is also important that your SMS campaigns and communication complies with the WASPA code of conduct that protects the privacy and security of the public.

Interactive Telephony provides an ethical service to it’s customers and our SMS portal creates a simple and cost-effective way to send SMS messages in bulk. As a trusted bulk SMS provider, we have send even millions of text messages around the globe at a fraction of the price of most other forms of communication.

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