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What are the benefits of using fax to email?

Fax to Email is an innovative service that enables you to receive your faxes directly in your Email inbox via your very own fax number. There are many benefits in using our Fax2Email service;

  • Receiving faxes will cost you nothing, yes it is absolutely free! Also you end up saving costs from paper and toner.
  • Faxes don’t get lost, and can be resent to you if you happen to delete or misplace your fax.
  • Because the faxes are sent to your inbox, they are completely private and cannot be seen by anyone else.
  • Fax to email makes faxing in South Africa “green”. Our eco-friendly service means no more paper usage and printing required.
  • Although Fax to Email is exclusive to South Africa, you can receive your faxes worldwide.

Simply sign up and receive your new fax number instantly. The number will then be sent to you via email as well. Your faxes are received as TIFF or PDF attachments, which can be easily viewed with Image Viewer or Adobe Reader meaning no additional software or hardware is required.

Why is fax to email free?

In South Africa all outgoing calls and faxes are charged for, therefore the sender pays. Fax to email is when you receive faxes, making our product cost efficient and free for all users.

How do we make money?

We earn a revenue share from the minutes generated when a fax is sent.

Can I pick my own fax number?

Unfortunately we are not able to choose the number ranges.

What if my email address changes?

If you change your email address, you will not be able to retrieve your faxes. Simply send your fax number, old email address and new email address, to faxsupport@bli.co.za and we will change the delivery address. If in this time a fax was sent to you on your old email address, we will be able to resend the fax to your new email address.

How long should a fax take to deliver to my email inbox?

Your fax will be delivered within 2 – 15 minutes. If your fax has not yet been delivered, there may be a delay on the server or with your mailbox.

I am not receiving any faxes, what could be the problem?

If you are not receiving faxes the problem would be caused by something preventing the faxes from being delivered to you from your Mail Server. Please contact your local IT support to ensure any faxes are delivered. Ask them to look for anything like a Firewall, SpamFilter or Anti-Virus Program that might be blocking the faxes. We will check your account to ensure your number is still active. Numbers are deleted every 2 – 3 months if they are inactive (have not been used). If your number is still active and set up correctly we will send you a test fax to ensure your fax number is working correctly.

Can I keep my number forever, even if I don’t use it for longer than 3 months?

Yes, we encourage our users to put their numbers on their email signatures, business cards and keep their numbers active, however there are times when no faxes are received for a period of 3 months or longer, and the user looses their number. To ensure you do not lose your number, send an email to faxsupport@bli.co.za requesting for your number to be placed on the Do not delete list.

I cannot open the attachment, why?

All faxes are default to PDF format, which requires you to use Adobe PDF viewer. If you do not have adobe we have a link for the free download on every page on the site. If you prefer your faxes to be in TIFF format we can change your account accordingly. Simply send an email to faxsupport@bli.co.za.

What if I received a fax that wasn’t for me?

With regards to receiving wrongly addressed faxes, it sometimes happens when people dial the wrong number when sending a fax. It’s much like receiving a phone call from someone who has dialed the wrong number. Unfortunately for us it’s impossible to know when someone is sending to the wrong number, so we can’t stop this from happening. Please feel free to delete any wrongly addressed faxes.
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