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Fax to Email – A step towards a greener office

Posted by on March 1, 2012 in News | Comments Off on Fax to Email – A step towards a greener office

Fax to Email – A step towards a greener office

One of the advantages Interactive Telephony’s free fax to email system is that it saves you office paper.

No longer does your fax machine have to spew reams and reams of paper every time you receive a new document, but instead, you’ll get a new mail notification. Now you can choose whether you would like to print the attachment or not.

Cutting down on your paper usage alone isn’t the only solution to a lower carbon future, but it’ll certainly sit well with your accountants and procurement.

The manufacturing of paper has come a long way since and Han-era Chinese started mashing up bits of cloth and plants.

Old commercial processes used to manufacture of paper used to be a major polluter of the air and water due to the chemical processes involved. Then there was the thorny issue of deforestation.

Early recycling initiatives were also counter productive in the sense that the gains made in saving trees, were lost due to the expenses involved and exorbitant amounts of energy required to recycle the fibres.

Today it is more viable to recycle paper, so much so that it has become the most recycled resource in Europe. Currently, Europe is leading the charge for producing sustainable paper, with a tonne of fax and copy sheets boasting a carbon footprint of only about 800kg CO2e. In South Africa, a large local manufacturers’ unofficial claim is closer to 930kg CO2e.

By using better methods, wood fibres can be recycled between four and eight times before they have disintegrated beyond use and that is why we are still required to grow more wood for paper.

The key is to source responsibly, only buying from certified suppliers who use well-managed forests, which has become standard practise in South Africa as it has in the rest of the world.

There are even some benefits to having well-maintained forests. Job provision is an obvious one but lesser known is the fact that young and growing trees absorb more CO2 than mature ones. That CO2  stored even in the paper and is only released into the atmosphere again once the paper is burned or it deteriorates in a landfill.

Like most worthy causes, running a greener office will take more than a single solution to a major problem. By switching to our free fax to email service you will be taking a small step in the right direction. For more benefits of our free fax to email system, click here. To sign up, click here.

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