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Fax to Email and flexibility

Posted by on June 7, 2012 in News | Comments Off on Fax to Email and flexibility

Fax to Email and flexibility

Whether working from an airport lounge or a coffee shop, Interactive Telephony’s free Fax to Email service keeps you connected.

Waiting for an important fax? Signed documents? Sensitive information? No problem. With our Fax to Email system you’ll receive your documents for your eyes only, conveniently in your email inbox.

Let’s take it outside
Ever felt that you could get more work done if you didn’t have to go in to the office? Researchers think so too.

Research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology has proven that employees that are given the freedom to decide when to go to the office, if at all, are more productive, generate better quality work, due to a greater feeling of autonomy and are less likely to jump ship for jobs closer to home. Also, time previously spent on commuting generally part their normal working hours.

Employees also reported less work/family conflict since more time could be spent at home. The only downside was that the bond between co-workers suffered somewhat, because there was colleagues didn’t physically work side by side on solutions like in a normal office environment. In truth, this was only a perception, as the results from the study found.

Your survival gear
For a lucky few, all that is needed to have a productive day of work is a pen, a writing pad and a cup of coffee. Although such bohemian minimalism isn’t always possible or practical, you can always count on your laptop to be your Swiss Army knife when surviving a day out of office. It can do anything a tablet, smartphone and MP3 player can do, only better and while working on it too.

A decent padded bag with a few extra pockets and compartments will help to keep things organised and ensure that your hard drive is protected from those nasty bumps that can eventually cause them to fail.

Headphones help you to disconnect from ambient noise and a good over-ear, noise-canceling set comes up tops. In-ear phones are more portable and have the advantage over standard music player headphones when blocking out ambient noise.

Try to keep a separate set of stationery for when you’re on the move, to avoid the hassle of packing and checking every time you set off. And don’t forget your chargers and multi-adaptors.

The resources around you
One of the drawbacks of telecommuting or working from remote location means that one often doesn’t have access to all your reference material unless you drag it around with you. Now is a good time to de-clutter and cut down on the amount of paper you keep on file.

Go paperless when receiving invoices or ask for invoices to be faxed to your Fax to Email account instead. That way you can always have it on record and you will carry it around with you.

When sharing office space with others, Fax to Email can also eliminate the chance that your fax is mixed up with others’ and won’t be rejected should the line be busy or the fax machine off. It’s simply stored on your mail server until your online again. Another benefit is that with Interactive Telephony’s free Fax to Email service, you will keep your number for life, so no matter where you go, you will take your fax number with you.

Other free services invaluable to the remote office are services like Skype, Dropbox and YouSendIt for communicating and sharing large files between co-workers and workstations.

In the end
Taking time away from the confines of the traditional office does come with challenges, but with all the support systems readily available and the benefits outweighing the disadvantages, it’s perhaps time you take a step outside and see for yourself.

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