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Fax to Email

Despite  people’s preference for sending messages via email, fax is still an important form of document transfer. In fact, it is thanks to email that new opportunities and possibilities exist for the humble fax machine.

What is Fax to Email?

Fax to Email is a service that converts fax messages to an electronic format and delivers it directly to a recipients’s email inbox. When a users signs up to our service, they will receive a unique 086 number that is linked to their chosen email address. By using a standard fax machine, others can send faxes directly to the intended recipient, making it a more effective and efficient form of document transfer. Since our Fax to Email service runs off your existing infrastructure, there is no need for clients to install any special equipment. Faxes are transmitted at the same speed as it would take to send an email at no extra cost to client.

What do I need to set up a Fax to Email system?

Most offices are already equipped for a Fax to Email system. All that is needed is a fax machine and a computer with a standard internet connection. Users can sign up to Interactive Telephony’s service and start using the system in no time at all. A fax is sent directly to our server, converted to a TIFF or PDF and send to the chosen recipient’s email address.

Why choose Interactive Telephony’s Fax to Email service?

Our Fax to Email system doesn’t require the installation of any extra or specialised equipment since it operates on standard email infrastructure. When you sign up Interactive Telephony’s fax to email service, a unique 086 number is linked to every user’s email address. All users can be loaded simultaneously in a single batch and can be managed from any location, via secure login on our website.

Faxes are sent directly to our server from where it is converted to TIFF or PDF attachments and sent directly to the recipients inbox. These attachments are sent from a single, secure domain to ensure your data’s security. Since the fax document is mailed directly to the intended recipient, there is no risk of a fax falling into the wrong hands as previously it would have been sent to a single fax number shared by many.

Another advantage is that there is virtually zero risk of a fax going not reaching its destination due to engaged lines or printing mechanisms jamming on a fax machines like in the past. Should a line be busy, or a recipient’s network be down, your fax will be stored on our server and sent the moment the recipient’s network is up and running again. The time savings, security and savings that you will incur due to Interactive Telephony’s comprehensive least-cost routing network makes Interactive Telephony’s fax to email service a clear winner.

To find out more about Interactive Telephony’s fax to email system, please contact us or sign up here.

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