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I have started running a greener, more efficient office by signing up to interactive Telephont’s free Fax to Email system.

I’m sending you this email because I though you might be intrested too. Sign-up is quick and east and you’ll be good to go in a few seconds.

With Interactive Telephony’s free Fax to Email system I can choose which to print and which I’ll simply store on my computer. The savings add up since I don’t waste toner and fax paper on unnecessary fax pages. It is also more secure and efficient because faxes arrive as PDF or RIFF documents directly in my box so no-one but me can see it.

Faxes will never bounce again due to engaged lines and I have access to my faxed documents wherever I am at an internet connection. To find out more, click here.

Try it today and go green, save money and be more efficient and secure! Sign up today.


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