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Out with the new

Posted by on January 18, 2012 in News | Comments Off on Out with the new

Out with the new

A new year, a new concept

Technology, that ever evolving monster. The theory is that gadgets are supposed to make our lives easier and our businesses more efficient, right?

Computers, software and gadgets have been advancing at such a rate that by the time you’ve managed to find the dial button on your cellphone it’s time for an upgrade.

With new hardware comes new problems. Think of shoe boxes full of old chargers and manuals, and hours spent learning new functions and the ever-growing list of applications that you never thought you need. Then comes the cornucopia of social networks and services that you have to subscribe to just to be on top of your game.

Companies have to hire more staff and service providers and spend fortunes on training courses for their personnel to ensure that they stay up to date. Wasn’t technology meant to do the opposite?

Does anyone remember that age old maxim from across the pond: “If it aint Broke, don’t fix it”? It seems that everything is designed with a shelf life of unpasteurised milk. By the time all the cheques are signed and staff trained in the latest gadget, they’re already five versions behind. And on it goes.

So, instead of upgrading, why don’t we just take a few steps backward?

Does anyone still remember the fax machine? Long before the days of email, in fact even before the days of the telephone, 11 years to be exact, the basic idea of faxing became a trusted way to communicate. Despite all the technological advancements in modern communication, every company still owns and uses a fax machine today despite dire warnings about email taking over. In fact it is thanks to email, that this piece of technology from the late 1800’s has received it’s new lease on life.

Methods such as Interactive Telephony’s Fax to Email, (or Fax2Email if you’d prefer) has made it simpler and more cost effective to get your official documents between two points. Staff need no special training, nor will your need any new software or hardware other than your existing email system and fax machine. As an added benefit, you can be safe in the knowledge that your fax won’t just sit in the in-tray for the entire office to see, but is delivered securely to the intended recipient’s email address.

And if you think that Fax to Email is just another fad, consider this: The fax machine and Fax to Email will be with us for at least another decade – an eternity in today’s world. And if you need another clincher, see here how you can get your Fax to Email service absolutely free.

For as long as documents need an official signature, Fax2Email will be your quickest, cheapest, easiest and most secure method to get documents from A to B.

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